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Used Chrysler Sebring in Richmond, BC

Used Chrysler Sebring in Richmond, BC

    Used Chrysler Sebring in Richmond, BC

  • Three Generations of luxury-inspired vehicles
  • AWD options available on select models
  • Convertible edition introduced in 2007 with optional hardtop
  • I-4 and V6 engine configurations for power and handling

When it comes to finding a car that has the appearance to set itself apart with impressive features to leave a lasting impression, take a moment and look at the Chrysler Sebring. This sophisticated vehicle line delighted drivers during its launch in 1995 and continued to forward the segment by providing a responsive driving experience with all the top-quality interior accents and comforts drivers today deserve, check out one of our used Chrysler Sebring in Richmond, BC today.

Well-equipped on any trim level, the Chrysler Sebring. Choose between models that have been fitted with 4-cylinder or V6 engine configurations to give you the power you want on your car. This is a car that will have the features you were hoping for, and then some. Come down to Richmond Chrysler and get behind the steering-wheel of the fun-to-drive Chrysler Sebring today!

Used Chrysler Sebring in Richmond, BC

Used Sebring Models in Richmond, BC

Dare to drive a car that has the look and feel that you've always wanted on a modern vehicle and know that you'll be supported by an arsenal of Chrysler safety features, comfortable amenities, and a reliable drive that you will quickly come to appreciate. An uplifted model by design, the Sebring is available in both coupe and sedan models.

With the most recent generation launching in 2007, the Sebring enjoyed being the first-ever six-speed automatic transmission (available on the 3.5L V6 model) with a matching Autostick technology for refined control and precision driving. The shift ratio was carefully engineered to provide drivers with unparalleled efficiency and smooth shifting associated with these truly remarkable engines.

A Legacy of Refined Driving

The Sebring is a model that discerning drivers can look to and then relate the components that have since been integrated across the market on vehicles that endeavour to compete or to embody the spirit of this fantastic car. With an array of engine possibilities offered during its product run, the Sebring also enjoyed the option for an all-wheel drive drivetrain for its 2008 year and beyond.

When the Sebring was discontinued in 2010, it was spiritually succeeded by the new Chrysler 200, with connections remaining clear. The Sebring's large grill and sculpted features have since become a standard style guide while the ABS with 4-wheel disc brakes have assisted in establishing this as one of the safest vehicles available at the time.

Designed for the Future

The Sebring was a vehicle designed and engineered with the years ahead clearly in mind. It received a stellar fully independent suspension system to ensure that drivers had the control they were hoping for, while the look and the price points ensured that it was far more approachable than other luxury-centric vehicles.

Take a note and remember that this was a car offered with configurations small and customizations large, including convertible with cloth or hardtops. Engine options that include turbocharge, 4-cylinder or V6. Body types that are either coupe or a sedan. This incredibly versatile car is ready to be what you need it to be. Come test drive it at Richmond Chrysler, today!

The Best Dealership to Get your Chrysler Sebring - Richmond Chrysler

Come experience our impressive selection of used vehicles that include the Chrysler Sebring at Richmond Chrysler. Located at 5491 Parkwood Way in Richmond, our friendly attitude and extensive selection of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM vehicles is among the largest in the Lower Mainland - and our service is simply the best around. We look forward to seeing you soon and being an effective part of your search!