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Used Jeep for Sale in BC - Updated Inventory

Browse Our Used Jeeps for Sale in Richmond, BC. Ready to see more about the quality a pre-owned Jeep can offer? Visit our Parkwood Way dealership in Richmond, BC, to browse our full range of used Jeep SUVs for sale at unbeatable prices.

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Lowest Price: $14,700
Lowest Price: $9,265
Lowest Price: $20,500

Why Choose the Jeep?

Jeep vehicles are renowned for their combination of performance, quality, and reliability, making the brand one of the most popular in the SUV market. And this popularity is good news if you're shopping for a pre-owned car. The high number of vehicles sold means there are plenty of excellent Jeep models for sale on the used market, including here at Richmond Chrysler of Richmond, BC.

Our Used Jeep Range

Although our inventory is constantly updated, our most popular used Jeep buys cover four main models.

  • Jeep Wrangler - Famed for its rugged off-road performance and thrilling driving experience, the Wrangler can trace its heritage right back to the dawn of the Jeep era. As well as providing a comfortable and powerful drive on the pavement, the Wrangler is built for off-road adventuring and can handle any terrain you throw at it.
  • Jeep Compass - With its subcompact SUV format, the Jeep Compass offers the power and roominess of a SUV combined with the drivability of a sedan. And while the Compass is perfectly at home on the city streets, it's also powerful enough to tear up the highway or roam confidently off-road, making it a highly versatile vehicle.
  • Jeep Cherokee - The Cherokee is a small to mid-size crossover SUV that combines power under the hood with comfort in the passenger cabin. The turbo engine provides up to 270 horsepower for an excitingly assured drive, while interior features including touchscreens and premium audio systems ensure your journeys are enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee - The Grand Cherokee takes all the features and power of the Cherokee and places them in a larger mid-size frame for greater comfort. It also increases the off-road readiness to make the Grand Cherokee a true trail contender.

While these four models are our used Jeep bestsellers, we also offer a wide range of pre-owned models from Jeep and other brands so long as they meet our stringent quality standards.



Why Buy a Used Jeep in Richmond Chrysler?

There are many reasons why a used Jeep makes an excellent buy. First, the brand is known for its reliable engineering. When you buy a pre-owned Jeep, you know you're getting a car that's been built to last. There are also used Jeeps available covering a wide range of price bands, from budget to high-end luxury. What's more, used Jeeps hold their value very well, so when the time comes to trade in for a newer model, you'll get a much better deal.

And lastly, the range of trim levels and optional extras Jeep offer is huge, meaning there are Jeeps available pre-owned with the exact range of features that are right for you. And to add to this flexibility, you can take your used Jeep and add any extras you want from the thriving parts aftermarket, building a Jeep to your own requirements.

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