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Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC

used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC


  • Two generations of full-size luxury driving
  • Equipped with impressive engines for up-to 363 horsepower
  • Sport mode for more refined handling
  • Modified steering, throttle, and shift points for better control
  • Best-in-Class V6 highway fuel economy
  • Assembled in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

When you're looking for style and performance fused together in a car that's year ahead of the competition, you want the Chrysler 300. This energetically sculpted full-size luxury car has the features, the appearance, and the capabilities that discerning drivers dream of. First released in 2005, the numerous premium components installed across the body ensure a level of sophisticated driving, responsive handling, and fierce acceleration that will quickly place the Chrysler 300 at the forefront of your ideal car list which is why you may want to check out our Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC.

It just takes one drive to come to appreciate the nuances and carefully crafted interior of this pedigree vehicle - whether you drive this generation or the previous one, you'll never be left wanting and every trip will feel just a little too short. Join us today at Richmond Chrysler to test drive an amazing used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC!

Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC

Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC

Two generations have made their name known across the industry, and with incredible residual value you know that the Chrysler 300 is a car that will last. Experience the novelty that comes hand in hand with the newer model 300, with its impressively efficient options.

Choose between models equipped with either the 3.6L Pentastar V6 with 292 horsepower and the enormously powerful commitment that you'll get from the 5.7L HEMI® V8 with Fuel Saver Technology that will get you really dashing on the highway as it unleashes 363 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of Torque.

Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC

Expectations, Shattered

Note the advanced technology that includes the largest standard touchscreen in its class, at 8.4-inches, this is an intuitive system that will allow you to control various systems including HD radio, Bluetooth hands-free technology, navigation and integrated apps all created to make your life better.

The all-new Rotary E-shift with eight-speed automatic transmission is sure to keep you moving forward with a smooth transfer between gears and improves interior space by reducing size and mechanical clutter.

Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC

Setting a New Height in Luxury

The 300 is a car that has rolled out of the concept phase and onto the road with so much more of what was promised than most manufacturers ever achieve. This aerodynamic car has enjoyed updates over the years so be prepared to be impressed by the numerous features that have made this a favourite car among the more sophisticated crowds.

The comfort-conscious seats, their leather-trimmed presentation is now available across all models, reminds you that Chrysler knows what they're doing. Heated front seats are also standard on the recent models and with four-way lumbar adjustment and eight-way power seating positions you'll drive without looking forward to when you get the next chance to stretch.

Get Your Used Chrysler 300 at the Best Dealership Around - Richmond Chrysler

Finding the right car is a lot like finding a new place to live. You know you're going to be spending a lot of time with your new purchase and you want to be sure that the two of you reflect each other. There are few things worse than discovering a fault after you've moved in and settled down and this is where Richmond Chrysler comes into the picture. Our expert staff are here to assist you through the process to make sure that you find the absolute best option for you. Visit us today and let us help you find your next, favourite car.

Used Chrysler 300 near Vancouver, BC