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Used Cadillac for sale

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Used Cadillac for sale

Used Cadillac for Sale

  • Vehicles for every type of driver - from Coupes to Crossovers
  • Over a hundred years creating premium automobiles
  • Attractive design decisions that match incredible engineering
  • Forward-thinking technology and unique ergonomic features

The Cadillac name shouldn't need much in the way of an introduction. The name itself and the vehicles that carry it are often regarded as the benchmark with which other manufacturers measure the quality of their own vehicles. There's a good reason for this - with advanced features and sculpted appearances that make the most out of automobile aesthetics, you can bet that whichever Cadillac you drive home that you won't be disappointed, some come check out our Used Cadillac for sale today!


If you are seeking a sedan that reflects your sensibilities and luxury expectations or you want a roomy, elevated vehicle that can fit a family with ease, Cadillac has a model that will suit your needs. Search our online inventory or visit us at Richmond Chrysler and find the used Cadillac that aims to improve your life by offering top-quality throughout.


Used Cadillac for sale

Premium Cadillac Models for Sale

Have you wanted a car that has the features you know you deserve? Consider the ATS Sedan, a formidable vehicle with a responsive wheel and plenty technology to suit your needs today and your journey tomorrow. Alongside this well-equipped vehicle, find the CTS Sedan, with some truly phenomenal amenities and a remarkably powerful engine to get you where you're going in style.



When it comes to coupes, well, you'll have a lot of fun with the ATS Coupe. This refined vehicle has the handling and the features that will give you a reason to get out and take more casual drives around the city and out to the countryside beyond.


Used Cadillac for sale

Tomorrow's Technology, Today

Welcome to the forefront of the wave of sophisticated technologies - the amazing Cadillac ELR. Embodying the notion of 'what's next' this impressive vehicle has the answers you're looking for. Electrically-bound, this is the future emerging today with the class worthy of your respect.

The XTS is a fully-realized and fantastic reminder why Cadillac's focus is always Art and Science. So often one has to focus on one element and let another slip to the wayside - not Cadillac, though.


Equipped and engineered to get the most out of every excursion, this car, like so many is imbued with the sophistication that will continue to push the brand forward into the next century.


Used Cadillac for sale

The Best Used Cadillacs

When it comes to fitting in a whole family, well, you can't go wrong with the incredibly comfortable and effective Cadillac Escalade. This vehicle has it all - space, comfort, power, and a presence on the road that is unmistakable. Still, it really comes down to what you need your next vehicle to be - know that, whatever the case may be that you'll find a vehicle that matches that needs with one of our used Cadillacs at Richmond Chrysler.

The Best Dealership to Get your Used Cadillac - Richmond Chrysler

Come experience our impressive selection of used vehicles that include used Cadillac models at Richmond Chrysler. Located at 5491 Parkwood Way in Richmond, our friendly attitude and extensive selection of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM vehicles is among the largest in the Lower Mainland - and our service is simply the best around. We look forward to seeing you soon and being an effective part of your search!

Used Cadillac for sale