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Dodge is one of the most respected names in North American auto engineering, and their range of Ram pickups and trucks quickly established itself as a popular best seller. The Ram name was so successful that it's now a brand in its own right, but still relies on decades of Dodge manufacturing experience and excellence. If you're looking for Dodge trucks for sale in Richmond, here's what you need to know.

Models, Generations & Redesigns

The first Ram truck appeared as a Dodge model in 1981, and was a light-duty full-size pickup. Sibling models included the Dodge Ramcharger SUV and the Dodge Ram Van. However, when parent company Chrysler decided in 2010 to restructure their various divisions, all the Dodge trucks were spun off into their own brand, simply labelled Ram.
The split freed up Dodge engineers to focus on their family minivans, SUVs, and iconic muscle cars, while Ram began their journey to being one of today's leading pickup providers in the Canadian market. The current Ram lineup is divided into four ranges.

Ram 1500 Classic

The Classic is the entry point for the modern Ram truck lineup. The range is based on older mainstream Ram 1500 releases, and offers nearly all the capability of its bigger brother but with fewer technological extras and a lower sticker price.

Ram 1500

The 1500 is the mainstay of today's Ram pickup lineup. It's available in many versions, from the no-nonsense Tradesman trim to the astonishingly powerful TRX. But what all the trims have in common is an excellent blend of performance and capability, married to interior comforts and tech that put most modern SUVs to shame.

Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 is a step up in the capability stakes, and offers genuine Heavy Duty performance backed up by advanced technology at an attractive price.

Ram 3500

Finally, the Ram 3500 is the biggest and most powerful truck in the whole lineup, boasting high-end engines pushing out up to 1,000lb-ft of torque, making it a true leader in its class. If you need a solid workhorse that can handle absolutely any task, you won't find better outside the semi category.

Is it Worth Buying a Dodge or Ram Truck?

Ram trucks are consistent best sellers in every segment they operate in, and whether you buy a pickup branded as a Dodge or a Ram you'll be getting plenty of high-capability vehicle for your money. The latest Ram trucks offer every blend of performance and comfort you could look for, while the older Dodge models provide unbeatable reliability and comfort at a highly attractive price.

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