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Jeep Gladiator near Vancouver

We love the Jeep Wrangler, and we know that you will too. If there is a cooler vehicle to be found than a Jeep Wrangler near Burnaby, then come and tell us about it here at Richmond Chrysler because we don’t believe it. You can give us a call at (604) 273-7521 to book a test drive today!

Why the Jeep Gladiator?

When you go camping, you usually go to a campsite, a place you know and somewhere you’re already sure of, but if you really want an adventure, you need to pump up your adrenaline and establish your campsite somewhere you haven’t tried before. Featuring a full-size spare tire, front, and rear stabilizer bars and fuel tank, and transfer case skid plates, your Jeep Gladiator can provide you with the amazing opportunity to take on any destination without worrying about the trip.

Better still, this Jeep has tow hooks - 2 front and 1 rear, so when your friends’ cars can’t take the pressure, you’ll be there to help them out. To start your journey off right, meaning behind the wheel of this amazing truck, find your Jeep Gladiator near Vancouver at Richmond Chrysler.


Stylish Choices for Every Season

In the summer, you don’t want to sit in a scalding tin can of a car, and with its black Sunrider® Soft Top, your Jeep Gladiator is the exact opposite of that. With optional Black Freedom Top® 3-Piece Hardtop, you can be ready for winter too, thanks to its sturdy and stunningly rugged design.

As Gorgeous as Your Jeep Gladiator 

What do you need on gloomy days or dark nights? Automatic halogen headlamps are a great start. They’ll let you see farther and better than ordinary headlights and with the added bonus of illumination from your Gladiator’s fog lamps, the road will be clear as day. Come into Richmond Chrysler and discover the perfect Jeep Gladiator near Vancouver.

Keeping Your Eyes Seeing Clearly

With your Gladiator, you’ll go on hikes, adventures, and kayaking trips, so you’ll get into great shape and will gain an amazing tan in the process. That means you’ll look almost as good as your Jeep, which shines with the standard 17-inch Tech Silver aluminum wheels and keeps it cool with the deep-tint sunscreen glass.

Travelling expands your mind, but it’s also a great exercise for your eyes. Taking in gorgeous views, getting the best photos, and moving your eyes around in wonderment will have them feeling stronger, peering better, and being incredibly excited for the adventures ahead. Your Jeep Gladiator will train your main two eyes, but opening the third one is up to you.


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Here at Richmond Chrysler, we aim to be your automotive resource, but we aren’t a stuffy high-pressure dealership. Our goal is to make buying a new Jeep as much fun as it is to drive one. We look forward to seeing you soon and being an effective part of your search!

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