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Used Dodge Viper

  • 8.4-Litre V10, 645 Horsepower, 600 Lb-Ft Torque
  • 0-60 MPH in Low 3-Second Range
  • Four-Wheel Independent Suspension with Coil-Over Shocks
  • Four Piston Brembo Brakes
  • 50/50 Weight Distribution

The world is your racetrack with the Dodge Viper so go out and show-off the power of the 8.4-Litre V10 and feel the satisfaction of sore necks from passersby no matter where you take this sophisticated monster! This outstanding full-featured performance car has seen its share of updates over the last few years all in an effort to get to where it is now. With a lateral acceleration of 1.03 Gs, you've got more grip than a wide-receiver's glove. The Dodge Viper, more than any year or model that has come before, is an adrenaline pumping experience that starts even before you ignite the engine. So come down to Richmond Chrysler and take off for a casual drive and feel the confidence that this elevated car will get you, today!.

Blue Used Dodge Viper Richmond BC

Power in your Hands

There's something to be said about driving a car that can get you up to 331 KPH (206 MPH) and that happens to be: Awesome! Driving a Dodge Viper is to relay a message to other cars out on the road that you knew what you were doing when you went searching for a performance vehicle. It states, clearly, that you are a person of taste and a thrill seeker and isn't that what you're after? Not just a car that has the capabilities but also the class to back it up. The Viper unleashes itself and will get you that ΒΌ of a mile in just 11 seconds. Make no compromises. Drive this car.

Yellow Used Dodge Viper Richmond BC

Suspend your Disbelief and appreciate all the Tech on the Viper

When you drive a Viper you are earning all the technology that has separated Dodge engineering from the rest of the automotive market and established a brand that has earned its fame again and again over the years. Equipped on this year's model you'll find the improved four-wheel independent suspension with coil-over shocks. These updated present a revolutionary step forward in control and handling that you'll notice the second you get the Viper up to speed.

Purple Used Dodge Viper Richmond BC

No one wants to Stop a Viper - But with Brembo you'll Do it Better than Ever Before

We know that when you're out on the road the last thing you're thinking about is when you'll have to stop. It's not just the fact that the Dodge Viper has a track-tuned high-strength steel and magnesium space frame setup to lighten as well as improve driving, it's also because you have the Brembo brake system with fixed aluminum calipers with vented rotors to slow you down when needed. The 50/50 weight distribution adds to this with StopTech rotors available on specific models. All of this fuses together to offer an unparalleled driving experience that you'll love every time you get behind this incredible, aerodynamic powerhouse.

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