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Dodge Dealership located near Burnaby

Looking for a Dodge in Burnaby? Find your favorite Dodge at Richmond Chrysler. Simply take a look at our Dodge models in our online inventory below. Get in touch with us to book your test drive today!

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Contact Us For Price (888) 814-0396
Contact Us For Price (888) 814-0396


Why choose Dodge? Is it a quality brand?

Dodge is a trusted name in the vehicle industry producing top of the line cars, trucks, and vans for their customers to enjoy. Dodge creates many incredible vehicles to choose from such as the Ram 1500 for those looking for durability in a work truck; the family-friendly Dodge Grand Caravan which is Canada’s best-selling minivan for over 30 years; or the sporty Dodge Challenger which never fails to impress someone looking for a little fun.

Dodge provides its customers with state of the ark technologies, smart design, and leading engineering in all its vehicles. To set themselves apart from the competition this value is met by down-to-earth pricing. You won’t have to compromise your desires in lieu of keeping your wallet happy when buying a Dodge.

2020 Dodge Caravan models

Stylish Designs to Make You Proud to Drive a Dodge

There’s nothing worse than being embarrassed to represent the vehicle you drive. Dodge doesn’t make this the case with sporty and modern looks which create a sophisticated finish. Leather interiors, smart technologies, and plenty of hidden storage come available in many Dodge models.

Fuel Efficiency Incorporated with Peak Performance Engines

In this modern age, it can only be expected for car producers to incorporate fuel efficiency options which help reduce harmful emissions into the air. Dodge understands this value which is why many of its vehicles, including its larger trucks or vans such as the Grand Caravan or Ram 1500, incorporate smart engineering to give their vehicles the highest fuel efficiency rating.

Realize How Fun Driving Can Be When You’re in A Dodge

Dodge cars and trucks are designed with precision to ensure you can have a fun drive no matter how small the distance. The Dodge Challenger and Charger are fan favorites for this reason with peak performance engines that provide power whilst keeping a smooth ride. Safety is always a top concern when creating any vehicle with plenty of power, but that’s not to say Dodge accepts anything less than 100% when including safety features and functions in its car, truck and van line ups.


Richmond Chrysler – Your Dodge Dealership

Come experience our impressive selection of new and used Chrysler vehicles at Richmond Chrysler. Located at 5491 Parkwood Way in Richmond, our friendly attitude and extensive selection of Chryslers is among the largest in the Lower Mainland – and our service is simply the best around. We look forward to seeing you soon and being an effective part of your search!

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