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Used Dodge Charger in Richmond, BC

Dodge Charger
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Used Dodge Charger in Richmond, BC

  • The most powerful, quickest and fastest sedan ever
  • Choose between ten Dodge Charger models
  • Option between 4 advanced engines, including a Pentastar and HEMI models
  • Advanced fuel efficiency performing features

Do you want a car that defines style and power, and turns heads from other drivers on the road? The Dodge Charger is one legendary ride. This year's model has evolved to new heights from the inside and out. The Dodge Charger is a sedan with elegance for city driving and muscle for a fun time at the track.

Choose between ten Dodge Charger models and a variety of new technologies that will improve your driving experience. With the Dodge Charger, you have all the control in the driver's seat. Visit us and test drive the Dodge Charger at Richmond Chrysler, only a short drive away from Vancouver, BC. Find out what it's like to flex your muscles on the road and take in the full Dodge Charger experience.

Used Dodge Charger

The Modern Day Muscle Car

Traditionally, the muscle car was designed for the driver and only the driver. Say goodbye to the old muscle car with uncomfortable passengers and no cargo space to carry anything. Dodge has changed the game for muscle cars.

The Dodge Charger was awarded the Best-in-Class rear-seat legroom for its capacity to comfortably sit 5 adult passengers. There is also an abundance of trunk space, resulting in ample room for your cargo. With 16.5 cubic feet of trunk space, you can carry just about anything. It is actually possible to take the Dodge Charger for a road trip.

front view white dodge charger

Fuel Efficient Performance

Between the 4 advanced engines, you can't go wrong with any of the choices. The 3.6L Pentastar VVT V6M engine offers exceptional efficiency and power. Both the 5.7L HEMI VVT V8 and 6.4L SRT HEMI V8 engines provide consistent levels of performance. The 6.2L Supercharged HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 engine is available and makes the Dodge Charger the most powerful, quickest, and fastest sedan ever. To make your decision, we recommend that you read the specs in more detail.

Whichever engine you choose to drive the Dodge Charger, be assured that each engine uses advanced technology to deliver strong performance and the best fuel efficiency.

interior view

Convenience and Entertainment

The Dodge Charger is more than just a powerful engine. It is the most technologically advanced, fuel efficient, and powerful V8 car in its class.

You will no longer need to use a key or click on a button to open the door. With the Keyless Enter 'n Go standard on all Charger models, all you need to do is keep the key fob in your pocket to enter the car and start the engine of the car.

Also standard for all Charger models is the new standard 7-inch customizable in-cluster display. Personalize what you want to see on the display by including information like tire pressures, fuel economy, and navigation. You can also stay connected with the Uconnect Multimedia Centres. Uconnect provides in-vehicle amenities like entertainment, hands-free Bluetooth communication, and 3D navigation.

Dodge Charger Drifting

Drive in Total Style

For the Charger, everything from the bold exterior lines to the interior has been redesigned. Changes on the exterior include new headlights, LED tailllamps, and a 3-piece rear spoiler. Also, every Charger model is available with new aluminum wheel designs. Choose from 14 different wheels, including 10 available 20-inch wheels. This is just one way to make this Charger yours.

Test drive the Dodge Charger at Richmond Chrysler

Visit us at Richmond Chrysler, located at 5491 Parkwood Way in Richmond, British Columbia. We're only a short 15-min drive away from Vancouver.

Speak with our friendly staff for expert advice on services, our vehicle lineup, and anything else Chrysler related.

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