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75th Anniversary Jeep Special Edition Jeeps

75th Anniversary Jeep Special Edition Jeeps

75th Anniversary Special Edition Jeeps

It's a pretty amazing milestone to say that Jeep has been a product for 75 years, which points back to the days when the American Military was calling on automakers to assist with 4-wheel drive vehicles for use in all-terrain conditions. Back then, of course, the Jeep brand was not alive and thriving in its current form, rather, it was a vehicle type that, after changing hands numerous times over the 20th century, would land under the Chrysler corporate umbrella in 1987, during the Chrysler-AMC buyout.

The original Jeep was a prototype created by Bantam BRC, back in 1941, and is also remembered as the precursor for the entire SUV class that would follow it.

In 1945, a civilian model of the Jeep was released as the CJ, or "Civilian Jeep", which were largely constructed by Willys. By 1950, Willys-Overland was granted privilege of officially owning the rights to the "Jeep" brand, but would go on to be acquired, sold, and optimized by a series of companies that included Kaiser Motors and American Motors Corporation for the next 37 years before landing in the hands of Chrysler.

75th Anniversary Special Edition Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 75th anniversary is definitely one worth noting, as it draws on the influence of makes and models that started with military intent and continued along to offer drivers a versatile, highly-capable driving experience both on the road and off of it.

Available in 4x2 and 4x4 options, the 75th anniversary model carries that same bold green that was the staple in its militarized days.

The principle of this homage to history, the 75th anniversary options are available on Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Compass, Patriot, and even the new Renegade models. Bronze and green colour makes these a real standout series, now, it should be noted that you aren't restricted to these colours, and there's plenty of options.

Let's get down to the specifics, shall we?

The Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models come with 17-inch wheels, tow hooks, grille inserts, Jeep badging, and headlight rings - the decorative interior features leather, heated seats with mesh inserts, 6.5-inch touchscreen, with specially-designed rock rails, and a power-dome hood. Command-Track 4-wheel drive is set up with a 2.72:1 transfer case, 3.2:1 rear axle ratio, and a Dana 30 front axle complemented by a 44 rear axle.

75th Anniversary Special Edition Jeep Wrangler

The Grand Cherokee has many of the same cosmetic adjustments as the Wrangler, with additions that include an 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen, blind-spot monitoring, power sunroof and a few other nifty additions that will definitely impress.

On the Cherokee, again, aside from the aesthetic changes for the 75th anniversary model you can expect seats that have been classed-up with Gode-Tex cloth, a similarly sized touchscreen as the Grand Cherokee, and a dual-pane sunroof.

Compass and Patriot models are largely the same in respect to what they offer - including front fascia trim, rear step pad, tow hooks, badges, and power sunroof with leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Patriot comes with 17-inch wheels as opposed to the Compass' 18-inch.

Finally, we come to the Renegade, with special Jungle Green colour option, this newcomer is really arriving at a great time - fog-lamp bezels, roof rack, traillamp, rear-fascia trim, and badges - the whole shebang!

It's definitely going to be an interesting year for Chrysler, as new product lines are expanded and others are discontinued - but with these clever additions to recognized brands, we're in good form for sure! Come down to Richmond Chrysler and let our team help you find the model that's best for you!

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